Friday, May 30, 2008

Your Memories

They come,they go,
they entertain,they aspire,
they remain as the ever-growing sky above.
Accompanying me every now and then,
they prove how friendly the world is,
and just how beautiful my life is,
with them-your memories!

They suddenly stir within me,
giving me a natural,involuntary smile,
that subdues my anger and grieve,making me feel delighted,excited,loved and secured...
They assist me,guiding me,
making me feel so secured,like the company of the oldest friends...
They induce in me enough excitement,
that last for the whole day...

They speak,they listen,they inspire,they reciprocate!
They smile at my every smile,
asking me to smile always.
They keep staring at me,but with your caring eyes!
They speak low to me but with your soft voice,
making me feel wanted,
they praise me,they love me,
they value me,they stay and walk always with me-
Your never-ending,ever-growing memories!!!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

To My Love

Our past runs deep, for you I did weep.
your memories haunt me, awake or asleep
I had you once, but could not keep
Forever flung far yet near, my sighs do you hear..
had you once in my arms, but now I fear..
that when I will open my eyes, you will disappear
and leave my soul drowned deep inside the ocean of tears..
Fails to penetrate, its unfathomable depth, the light of hope...

As I stagger I find your hand in mine,
and forget the world for a while...
My aimless fingers no more move,
My racing heart is now at rest...

At once the whole world seemed cooperative,
for your presence brings slight rays of hope,
that makes my face bright...
lit up with a smile, that once i thought was lost,

With every skip of my rhythmic beat,
I still wait..
With a hope that you will never let go...
the emptiness in me eased,
though my heart is heavy, and my eyes full,
the pain for a moment ceased,
by a tender touch, a loving smile..


Saturday, May 10, 2008


The flame shimmers in the wind,
As the last drop of oil dries,
It burns out...
To give away light.

The darkness fades away,
I reach out...
In the blindness of the night.

I reason...
The existence of known and unknown,
I search...
For the answer somewhere and everywhere.

The trees bears fruit,
In the summer's heat,
The earth thirsts for rain,
To feed thousands of men.

I starve...
Inspiration comes from enlightenment,
A creation takes birth,
When there is a sacrifice.