Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wen it Rains !!!

Drop by drop it has started to rain,
all I could see is only you,
'Cause when it rains I remember you.

I can feel you when the droplets touch me
and find you standing close to me,
drenched in the memories of time spent with you
'cause when it rains I remember you.

Laying on the ground, I look at the sky
I see you there so innocent, so shy,
in the clouds I try to figure out you
'cause when it rains I remember you.


Friday, July 18, 2008

It's my turn

Unhinge me, so that I can have
Another dimension to life
Let loose now, so that I can spread
My wings to soar & fly
Because it’s been so long
That I’ve been gagged & bound

All false emotions fed to me by society
But my search has lead to a discovery
Of an awareness & a new perception
Of how things are & how they should be

So I’ll walk away-nothing more to say
This calm can’t silence my inner storm,
This cocoon can’t shield me from pain,
This sugar-coated sweet haven made a numb soul,
I need to hurt myself to feel happiness again.

No clouds beneath my feet
It’s my turn to feel the heat.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Crossing

Love is just a bountiful lake of forces,
We have little understanding of, but plenty of experiences.

Ever enjoyed waves licking at your toes on the beach,
Ever felt rushing winds blow you at the hilltops,
Ever seen the sun set or rise,
Ever seen the starry nights,
Or ever watched the moon coming out of clouds?

I have experienced these moments
And I have always felt blessed by the creation,
After such an encounter with nature.
It might be anything.
It might be a site which brings fond memories,
Or it might be an old photograph which unfolds the long folded page of time,
It might be the sight of a person, who sprays the scent of nostalgia,
Or it may be a book you erstwhile used to read.
But you will have to admit that love is omniscient and omnipotent,
Showering us incessantly with unbounded joy.

Every moment in life is like a rose bestowed by the existence.
It is a bud, it blooms, it flowers, and it withers away.
But that dead rose always remains in your notebook,
Reminiscing you of the lost fragrance.
Similarly, each moment of life comes, flourishes, and passes away.
But when you turn back in your life,
The fragrance of the passed moment still remains intact.
Saturate each moment of your life with so much fragrance,
That it spreads love not only for you but for everyone around you.