Monday, September 28, 2009

Skipping a beat...

Whenever my heart skips a beat,
I know its u deep within,
My world of dreams floats across,
I search verily for something,

A glint in your eyes, a smile on your face,
Makes promises to me u never said,
Though I know u r not with me,
Its u, in my dreams, I always had,

Hold my hands and take me away,
From all shackles of pretences,
And hold me close to your breath,
One touch from u will erase all distances,

Waiting for that moment to come across,
I am splurging in the depth,
This timeless journey has just begun,
Trying to weave threads to its end,

That end which will mark a beginning,
that moment which would lie still,
My tears would find a way out,
With love, my eyes would fill,

Till den, I’m waiting for that knock,
that destiny would mark for us,
Things fated will fall into places,
But our togetherness is must.


Friday, December 19, 2008

You are, I am

You fumble, you stutter, I laugh at your face
But you know my heart beats so hard
I'd stay by your side, but if that's the case
It's your turn, go on, play your card.

I'll give you a ring and we'll stay awake
Into the night until dawn
I'll walk on the ice just to see if it breaks
And these feelings of love will be gone

You be the clouds, oh I'll be the rain
And we'll need each other to fall
If I'm the tears, then you are the pain
We'll get rich, and we'll lose it all

And I'll take the fire to see if it scars
If perfect is anything to go by
I'll drive at full speed to see us go far
It can crash and burn if it lies

But I'll ride the wave, who cares if I drown?
And you be the air I inhale
I'll climb up the building and I'll jump right down
And you know you just cannot fail

Its everything or nothing, that's just where we stand
We stay or we vanish into the air
And I'll hold it back when you hold my hand
We'll run, until we go nowhere.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Can you bring back my friend to me?

Can you bring back my friend to me?
Who knows not what its harsh to be,
Those twinkling bright eyes,
And the love laden heart,
Brought smiles on my face from within.

With no want of words,
Our eyes read the mind,
And the silence our hearts,
Now words too don't seem to reach.

The silence kills me,
Aloofness hurts me,
And the one-way talk rips me apart.

Can our hearts not open out
And the love soar high
And 'you' and 'I' be just 'we'.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Romancing the night

That day in the evening
the stars all shone in the sky
when you were in my arms
and the silent moon watched by;

The shadows in the waters
of trees and bush around
lay motionless and still;
only two heart's beating sound;

And a hush of leaves sometimes
of an air of friendliness;
your black eyes spoke romance
on a flawless pretty face.

I touched your hair; you closed your eyes
O heaven above! How beautiful she is!
Like the morning cirrus
drenched in golden glow,
as your hair fell like a cascade
in a silent night-light flow.

A blink a cost too many
with her eyes in a state of trance
I saw a thousand moons shining
all in a moment's glance.
O night of endless breaths
flow not with the stream away
for my love is yet to kiss Good night
in this tranquil hour of May.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

A friend, not long ago

I guess I had a friend, not long ago
Not In my dreams, in reality
All the things I ever wished for
All the things God had wanted for me

With whom I could forget the future & past
& I prayed everyday for those times to last
Forever & ever so that there would be
Happiness till eternity

But the good times didn't last for long
& before I knew, she was gone
To a place far away, but just for sometime
And loneliness was at its prime

Wish I had known, in times to come
It would take long, to see the sun
Only if my tears could ever erase the distance
Wish I had tried harder & with patience......