Monday, November 26, 2007


You looked in to my eyes
I couldn’t control myself
I just had to smile

The feelings were there
Inside my heart
I wanted to walk with you
I couldn’t bear to part
But something stopped me
I tripped over a stone
I looked up
And found myself ALONE .

I maybe heartbroken...
But I ain't sad.
On the fast track to get my life back.
Got a pen and a notepad
To note down what went wrong in all of that
but there is only one conclusion I got so far
After clearing up all the mud and the tar
I see that I gave in to everything you said
Making me look like a fool believing in all that crap...

I wanted to share whatever I had with you.
Thinking that it'll grow as long as we're true (to each other)
to each other’s feelings we'll respect and care
Not leaving behind one another in this world's fair

But reality broke it down to me
I was getting nothing but lies and deceit
Shall I frown or pass this as a mistake
That you didn't know I raised the stakes
Cause I wanted it to last not fall apart in the middle
Didn’t want it to sound like a difficult riddle
but if its then I don't mind
Cause I might be heartbroken but I ain't loosing my mind...


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why does love come to me like pain

Why does love come to me like pain?
Why does love come to me like strain?

All my life love seemed to me a gain...
All my life I ran to catch this train...
All I got was a stormy rain...
All that I never wanted was this sweet sensitive pain!!!

Still I enjoy this pain
To be alive for this pain

For in this pain, ecstasy I gain
Don’t know why it makes me sane.
It takes me to an altitude unknown
I drift above the clouds, above all that most people feign.

There I meet my love in solace
and we are together again.
Ceasing to exist is the pain
numbness descends and reigns

But still my heart is not to be tame
It wants the endless beauty, pleasure and fame
That neither the sky, nor the clouds help me gain.

Its just you who can help me gain
It’s you who makes me sane

Why does love come to me like pain
Again & Again & Again & Again?


Monday, November 05, 2007

My Last Mile

Carry me softly,
Carry me fast.
Take me home to night at last.
Into the unknown, dark and deep.
Away from promises I didn’t keep.

Come silently,
Come while am awake.
Show me my friend your naked face.
Before you take me to a place unknown,
As I leave the shores of a place called home.

And I have lived.
I have lived it through.
To my old eyes now,
The world aint new.
I know these faces, I know these eyes,
And I can tell tears from fake smiles.
I’m old school now, I know how it’s done.
I knew I missed the starting gun.
Its been too hard, its been a while,
Still, Head high, I walk my last mile