Saturday, September 20, 2008

Romancing the night

That day in the evening
the stars all shone in the sky
when you were in my arms
and the silent moon watched by;

The shadows in the waters
of trees and bush around
lay motionless and still;
only two heart's beating sound;

And a hush of leaves sometimes
of an air of friendliness;
your black eyes spoke romance
on a flawless pretty face.

I touched your hair; you closed your eyes
O heaven above! How beautiful she is!
Like the morning cirrus
drenched in golden glow,
as your hair fell like a cascade
in a silent night-light flow.

A blink a cost too many
with her eyes in a state of trance
I saw a thousand moons shining
all in a moment's glance.
O night of endless breaths
flow not with the stream away
for my love is yet to kiss Good night
in this tranquil hour of May.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

A friend, not long ago

I guess I had a friend, not long ago
Not In my dreams, in reality
All the things I ever wished for
All the things God had wanted for me

With whom I could forget the future & past
& I prayed everyday for those times to last
Forever & ever so that there would be
Happiness till eternity

But the good times didn't last for long
& before I knew, she was gone
To a place far away, but just for sometime
And loneliness was at its prime

Wish I had known, in times to come
It would take long, to see the sun
Only if my tears could ever erase the distance
Wish I had tried harder & with patience......


Monday, September 01, 2008

Lost in Dreams - 2

I speak of castles, castles so high,
Sweet dreams atop, falsities - oh fie!
No spear, No sword - I thought could break,
A love filled world that I would make.

So thoughts they are, thoughts - warm and deep,
And as it were, you'd smile and weep,
For thus rolls life - no tears, no smile,
Nary a truth, Nary a lie!

A Woebegone heart in a feisty soul,
A new start beckons - a new goal,
Teary eyed no more - go forth fair one!!
A good tear shed - a good deed done.

Sob not for love, sob not for grief,
Sob if you must in sheer disbelief,
The truth so dark, the truth so stark,
Slumber no more - hark my words - hark!