Friday, May 18, 2007

Reign (rain) over me

Rain rain come again...that’s what we used to sing when we were kids.

The best thing God ever made.
The sweet smell of the wet land; the freshness of grass and plants all around, lovely atmosphere, hot coffee.
Those splashes from your friend...those paper boats...nothing artificial about it....everything is so natural...God's own world.....Ah!!!...this whole combination just drives me crazy
Oh!!! It’s all so romantic and fresh all around...rains are without any doubt amazingly amazing!!!

You get a chance to quit whatever you are doing (you need a bahana ( excuse) to quit studies/work)...and head straight out...just to feel the drops on get drenched...and then when you have friends take a walk in the pool of water around…without bothering about your clothes...and then...garam pakodas, hot tea or ice cream!!!!

And if you are not out in the rains; the next great thing is watching the
rains over a long chat ( which may be a silent one ) with a dear one and a
cup of hot coffee!!!!!!

And yea it can make u forget almost everything...
I love rains for it’s the 'me' in me which comes to the forefront...

And yea the rains in this part of the country (Mumbai) are awesome (freedom of speech and expression)

Now you all maybe wondering whats so different about Mumbai’s rains

Grey-black clouds, overcast dark afternoons spent idling, being able to see farther than usual as the air gets clearer after the rains; especially the dark violet-green mountains.
Some birds getting wet in the rains as if they don’t give a damn; street kids playing on water-logged roads, washing dirty feet after coming home, wading through water, lighting a half-wet sutta (cigarette) under a tree taking care that maachis (matchstick) does not get wet and sharing it with friends, accepting the futility of trying to keep yourself dry, climbing slippery slopes for a better view (Yeoor hills me too!), cycling through splashing water, having to borrow umbrellas from friends to go to lectures after losing your own chaatha (umbrella), shivering wet in the wind, traffic police in funny them all

Crossing Vashi bridge, best done in the monsoon, while standing at the door of a local train compartment. Raindrops lashing across your face while you struggle to keep your eyes open.
It magically seems clean, wide, and empty. It would be drizzling and there was the sea, heaving peacefully like the chest of a sleeping child. One of those rare things that constitute ‘scenery’ in Bombay.
Be it Marine Drive or Bandstand, Worli Sea-face or Gateway; Butta (corn) in one hand and the other shielding you from the sudden splashes of water of the sea makes it more…..AWESOME!!!!!!!

I love them like anything
It’s a great respite from heat a city like Mumbai it’s always welcome
The cool air soothes the nerves

There is no city in the world that comes so alive in the rain. Rain in Mumbai brings out its best
From rain slicked roads to hot drinks in roadside chawls…I have myself never seen too heavy rainfall but seen enough to totally indulge myself in playing football with raging thunderstorms!!!!!!!
Rains and friends make for a memorable time.
Truly enjoy the rain and the city which comes to its true color with it

Tell me one city in the world where you can receive 944mm of rainfall in one day???????
It is said that 6" of rain in 24 hours in London can create untold havoc in London. We received 36" in 24 hours.
Here it does not rain just enough for the crops to grow... or to refill our pours here cats and dogs and elephants like there is no tomorrow.

Don't u just love those treks when the chilled, moist air kisses your cheeks, the mossy green rocks are all you have for support over the flowing waterfalls; the lush green color of the valleys and then it pours like there is no tomorrow ................ don’t u just LOVE them?????????......


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Girl Next door

She always used to be bubbly
She always used to happy
You could pass hours with her without speaking. She’ll always have something to talk about
There have been times when I used to wonder how she does it!
She does things which normal girls don’t.
I have seen people who used go to her with their problems and she always had a solution for them
Life was going great for her…till the next bend
And when it came; her world comes crashing down
One moment everything looks fine….the second instant nothings left
She looks for someone….finds none
Friends try to give hope…she gets none
She’s got nowhere to go
She wants to cry….but tears go dry
She needs a shoulder….none to find

And then she took a drastic step…ignores it
It was too huge a burden to carry…no one to share it
She looked around for someone again…saw something blurred
She goes and takes a look
And lo sees what…a reflection….a persona of her
She realizes what to do....
She carries the burden all along
People think she has overcome it
I thought she came over it

But deep down inside she knows nothing has changed
She still carries the burden…waiting for someone to lessen it
Expecting him…he’ll come
GOD knows when…but he shall come
She goes back to be the same old person
The one whom people knew…could relate with
But nothing has changed

I have seen her going through things which I cant’ even think about
She has faced things in her life which you never think of
Even after all these things she has come out of it undeterred

The day will come when she can cry her heart out…
The person will come who will get her out
I hope it happens soon
I know it will happen soon
I am expecting it to happen soon

Inspired by two important persons in my life


Friday, May 04, 2007

Zindagi Rox

When your destination is miles apart,
When you don't know where to start,
When all you see around is pain,
When your hard work is in vain,
Tell yourself - Go on, THIS IS LIFE !!!

I learnt a few things in my life that they happen for a reason.

Nobody takes your crap as much as your parents do! Do have respect for yourself
You are perfect coz' GOD.. makes no mistakes
Box self-pity aside.... .don't chase happiness ,it'll elude u.
Love is a life long process(n not around d trees); marry someone who loves you more than you love that person
It's better to take things with a pinch of salt
Change is permanent.....
Books ,music n money are your best's stupid to be prejudiced.....we all live in glass houses...........

Life...according to me is a game..You win lose some!!!

The person who sees a half filled glass enjoys the life to the fullest; accepts all the defeats with a smile and accepts all challenges with huge integrity to compete.

Life makes you learn everything...but with the passage of time !!!There's nothing to regret in life, just to learn it as lessons (another prospect of an optimist).

Life is the way you take it ....... be optimistic !!!
Life is a lesson in progress....always offering something and taking something else in return.
It is the deals one eventually makes that matters.
TRUST EVERYONE. Believe me its the only way to get out of this mess we think we got into by trusting SOMEONE. Lead your life like an open book, no being afraid of anyone and with an undiluted spirit.

Life rocks ... never sucks !!!!

Edited and formatted by a very good friend - Gauri Parkar