Thursday, February 28, 2008

Follow Thy Heart

What your heartbeats say
just listen to its song
say the feelings to your love
so it can stay with thee life long

Always heart makes u flow in memories’ river
sometimes you laugh, at times they make you shiver
just enjoy your life and live every minute fully
so that these will become your memories forever.
Memories always govern the heart
person you like most, keeps you alert
so guide your heart and follow the way
just listen to what your heartbeats say...........

Love is the thing which is always mystic
sometimes obtaining ,at times realistic
Love is contagious thing
which attacks every being,
being attacked by love every man dreams
else there remain only cries and hurt screams

So just say the words…three
to make your heart burden free


Monday, February 18, 2008

Freedoms is all about

What is freedom?
a teacher was asked
by the youngest pupil
of the class

The teacher said
you come with me
and I’ll tell you
what it means

So after the class
they went together
walking down the road
in a pleasant weather

And suddenly the teacher
asked to stop
in front of a small
bird sellers shop

Birds in pairs
were sitting in cages
while the owner was busy
counting profit on pages

The teacher went in
bought a pair
and carried the cage
with utmost care

Then he asked the pupil
to follow him till
they reached a smal
land a lush green hill

Then the teacher said
now let me see
if u can understand
what freedom means

He raised the cage
and opened its gate
and set free at once
the bird and its mate

The bird and its mate
flew high in the sky
and the teacher smiled
and watched them fly

Then he threw down the hill
the cage and its key
the pupil now knew
what it means to be free...


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

When you are in LOVE!!!

Do you feel painless though you have many issues going around??
Do you feel accomplished though there’s nothing great achieved??
Do you feel complete though you lack many things??
Do you feel strong though timid at the same time??
Do you feel original in whatever you do??
Do you speak in rhythm??
Do you sing in silence??
Do you do things without expectations??
Do you feel life interesting though nothing great happening??
Do you still remain happy if today is the last day of your life??
If the answer is Yes, No doubt you are in “Love”!!!!
Just living with a beautiful feeling which doesn’t need a definition,
justification or a relation!!!

Just rejoice it, let it invade!!