Thursday, June 26, 2008

Love is in the air

Sreenivas has been associated with his college for more than a year now and one of his favorite hangouts is the lake at the rear end of the college. Recently when he visited the place; while the heavens were obliging with a little bit of a shower from bounties of the clouds; he had a strange experience. He went to the alleyway and stood by the edge of that lake. And the sight that met his eyes made him feel like never before. The lake is naturally surrounded by plethora of trees and greenery, and the raindrops were making ripples on the surface of water. The gentle whistling of winds imparted an immaculate touch to the panorama. Crescendo rose inside him, with a landscape of such immense beauty in front of him. There evolved a mysterious sense of happiness in him. It felt as if there's an unknown bond between him and that place.

Sreeni’s experience makes one thing clear, LOVE IS IN THE AIR. You just have to pull it towards you grasping its invisible threads, and see what colors it brings in your life. Bask in its glorious light once, bloom in its gardens once, you will find what makes life dewdrop hanging on the morning primrose.Love is a feeling which is at once so beautiful, and at the same time empathically mystical.

Love is not attraction, love isn't lust, and Love is neither a sin. Love is ever growing exhilaration; Love is just a silent pool of ecstasy.
Love is just a perpetual flowering of soul. It is an eternally flowing stream of contentment. It is achievement of ultimate bliss. Love IS divinity on earth.Many of us these days have got such weird interpretations for such a simple notion. We are either mixing it with affairs/involvements (love MIGHT be the lubricant in such cases), or we think all these simply are the means for adolescents to disregard their objectives in life. Love is neither. Love is just a force running in the undercurrents of life. It is our human inclinations that lead us to wrong paths.

Love is just a bountiful lake of forces we have little understanding of, but plenty of experiences. Ever enjoyed waves licking your toes on the beach, ever felt rushing winds blow you at the hilltops, ever seen the sun set or rise, ever seen the starry nights, or ever watched the moon coming out of clouds? I have experienced these moments and I have always felt blessed by the creation after such an encounter with nature.

It might be anything. It might be a site which brings fond memories, or it might be an old photograph which unfolds the long folded page of time, it might be the sight of a person, who sprays the scent of nostalgia, or it may be a book you erstwhile used to read. But you will have to admit that love is omniscient and omnipotent, showering us incessantly with unbounded joy.

Every moment in life is like a rose bestowed by the existence. It is a bud, it blooms, it flowers, and it withers away. But that died rose always remains in your notebook reminiscing you of the lost fragrance. Similarly, each moment of life comes, flourishes, and passes away. But when you turn back in your life the fragrance of the passed moment still remains intact.
Saturate each moment of your life with so much fragrance that it spreads love not only for you but for everyone around you……that’s what Sreeni says!


Friday, June 20, 2008

How could you ???

How could you say you love me
after you leave me
How could you say you care
if you were never going to stay
I wish it always rains
so you could not see
the hurt, pain and tears you gave me

How could you say you love me
when you loved someone else
How could you say
I can find someone else
when all I wanted was you
and all I needed were you

How could you say i'll be fine
when you made me blue
I don't wanna see your face
or anything that reminds me of you
I don't wanna be your friend
though that's what I am to you

How could you hurt me so bad
when all I want is to love
and be loved by you


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rain Rain….Come Again

Sitting silently
Eyes waiting, searching, questioning
And then, I hear
that familiar rumbling
lift my eyes, full of hope
and see the dark clouds looming above,
like old friends
Theyre back!
A smile tugs at my lips
I rush outside
trampling on the soft grass
gaze at the grey sky
Thundering, bellowing clouds
announcing their presence
I close my eyes and spread my arms,
welcoming them...

A drop caresses my face
followed by another
and another
Soon there are so many
showering like heavenly petals
sliding down my skin,
hugging my body,
trickling through my fingers...
Drenching my soul
Soaking my pain
Cleansing my mind
I feel pure, blessed, relieved
Enveloped in a wet embrace
I feel loved...