Friday, December 19, 2008

You are, I am

You fumble, you stutter, I laugh at your face
But you know my heart beats so hard
I'd stay by your side, but if that's the case
It's your turn, go on, play your card.

I'll give you a ring and we'll stay awake
Into the night until dawn
I'll walk on the ice just to see if it breaks
And these feelings of love will be gone

You be the clouds, oh I'll be the rain
And we'll need each other to fall
If I'm the tears, then you are the pain
We'll get rich, and we'll lose it all

And I'll take the fire to see if it scars
If perfect is anything to go by
I'll drive at full speed to see us go far
It can crash and burn if it lies

But I'll ride the wave, who cares if I drown?
And you be the air I inhale
I'll climb up the building and I'll jump right down
And you know you just cannot fail

Its everything or nothing, that's just where we stand
We stay or we vanish into the air
And I'll hold it back when you hold my hand
We'll run, until we go nowhere.

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Harshal Chandak said...

oye..itna busy ho gaya ki blog likhna bhul gaya..